Butler was born from a vision to celebrate passion, creativity and culinary precision.

The seed for Butler, the luxury caterer, was first planted in the kitchen of the Michelin starred, Tate Dining Room & Bar. Whom were commissioned by several well established lifestyle and fashion brands to develop highly customized one-off menus and tablescapes. One successful event led to another and soon, there was a growing list of customers who wanted this professional and unique experience. The growth of Butler was inevitable, with the support of each customers event knowledge and the determination to cater their needs, we continue to achieve higher goals.



We understand that each clients have their own style and DNA, rather than the traditional way of having a standard menu we believe that a customized menu would be more appropriate.

We understand and appreciate that each client has an individual style and identity. We take great pride in being able to distil, amplify and emphasise this identity through the work we do.

We are proud of our talent as a creator of tailor-made events. We will lavish the same care and attention of any event because each new challenge is a step forward to new adventures.

We go as far as redesigning a canapé tray presentation to creating a signature cocktail.

As a specialist creator of bespoke events, we lavish the same care and attention to everything we do. Each challenge is a step towards new stories and adventures.


We also understand that a truly inspired event requires a multifaceted combination of innovative concepts, meticulous planning, organisation, entertainment, exceptional food and exemplary service to be delivered to perfection. Creating an environment that is conducive to the enjoyment of the experience is paramount for us.

Innovative event production and unrivalled culinary mastery come together perfectly. Our experience operating a Michelin starred fine dining restaurant has taken us from the finest event spaces and private homes in Hong Kong to the bustling city of Shanghai. No detail is too insignificant. We source only the very best possible ingredients and our chefs endeavour to prepare each dish with the very same fervour that was used to conceive it. Customers are made to feel inspired to make each event a memorable encounter.

We pour our passion into our food, infusing our unique take on culinary expressionism to stimulate the sense of smell, taste, touch and sight. Like a painting, food is a canvas for expression, triggering memories, emotions and our limitless imaginations. We tell our client’s stories through this medium.